Six-colour snood

I was so pleased to get this commission, not least because allowed me to play around with wool of many colours – many favourite activity – and create something new and beautiful.

Making a six-colour snood seemed straightforward in principle – the standard snood as two strands (even if it’s only one-colour), and I’d already made a three-colour version – so I said yes without giving it any more thought; but when it came to the logistics of handling almost 400m of wool in a confined space, I began to wonder how much time I would be spending actually weaving, and how much untangling the stuff (it’s usually a ratio of about 1:4).

With this in mind, I started by very carefully trailing all six skeins, in turn, around my living room, cutting each one in half (as only 200m was needed). That removed half the problem straight away! Then I had to work out how to keep it all tidy while I wove, and for this, I repurposed one of our kitchen chairs – which conveniently had five rods and six spaces in its back – to make a yarn-guide. With this in place, I was able to keep all the strands completely separate from each other until the last moment.

In the end, it all went together with no hitches, or tangles(!), and although the set-up took a while, it paid off! One delighted customer later, and it was all well worth the effort involved.

The six-colour snood from start to finish.

The six-colour snood from start to finish.

This snood, plus more of many colours, can all be bought from my Etsy shop.

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