Credit where credit’s due

by Leigh Forbes Monday, 27th July 2015 This is a plea to anyone who shares stuff, particularly creative stuff, on social media or blogs. A few months ago, a picture of a beautiful patchwork popped up in my facebook feed, and I shared to the Wildbrook Woollies facebook page as one of my “colourburst” posts. …


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Welcome – Introduction!

Hello! I’m Leigh: plier of wool, herder of children, and drinker of (possibly too much) coffee. I’m having a long blog-break at the moment, but please browse the archive of weekly posts about all things beautiful and/or quirky. Between musings about my own wool-weaving (and how ridiculously excited I can get about the arrival of …


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New photos for the shop

Two of my lovely friends, Andrea and Lou, agreed to model some of my snoods, so you can see what they look like on real people! We had a hilarious time, having lugged a large sack (of snoods) through the woods, wondering just how suspect we looked! The weather was kind to us, Andrea and …



Have you seen the Wildbrook Woollies facebook page yet?! As well as snood-news, I share all kinds of other folks’ arty crafty stuff, including contemporary art, photography, embroidery, crochet, and so on. I try to share something each day… something that will make you laugh, or say “wow”, or both. Either way, it will be …


Meanwhile… Isobel Moore

I found this on facebook today, from the incredibly talented Isobel Moore. You can buy this picture, and three more like it as postcards from her etsy shop (see link below). Find this, and more from Isobel Moore, at her etsy shop: Follow Wildbrook Woollies on facebook:  

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Meanwhile… Patchwork

My friend Kerry is making this patchwork bodice from vintage material. I think she’s wonderfully talented (both in design and sewing), and it’s a joy to watch this piece come into being! See more dresses on Kerry’s website: Junie & Jack Follow Wildbrook Woollies on facebook for more!  

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I have a QR code! Scanning this will take you to my etsy shop… I know these are a common sight now, but I am stupidly proud of having one of my own! If you don’t have a QR scanner, this is where it takes you: :o)