Credit where credit’s due

by Leigh Forbes Monday, 27th July 2015 This is a plea to anyone who shares stuff, particularly creative stuff, on social media or blogs. A few months ago, a picture of a beautiful patchwork popped up in my facebook feed, and I shared to the Wildbrook Woollies facebook page as one of my “colourburst” posts. …


Thank you!

With the Christmas rush over, and the stock mostly replenished, it’s time to stand back (or maybe, sit down), and take a look at what just happened! I want to start by thanking everyone who supports me: firstly my customers, who gave me the best first-Christmas ever! Secondly all my fellow arty-crafties in the virtual …


Meanwhile… Baubles

Today, I’m featuring these baubles, which I think are so lovely I’m inspired to learn how to crochet! (Just as soon as I have time…) The pattern for these can be bought as a download for £2.60 from Planet Penny’s Etsy shop – along with many lovely lovely things, including the yarn used to make …


Meanwhile… Artichicks

In my mind, Artichicks is synonymous with colour, talent, beauty, and masses of quirk! As far as I can tell, new works fly off the shelf, and it’s not hard to see why. The regular facebook-photos like this one brighten my days :o) Find Artichicks on facebook and twitter. Follow Wildbrook Woollies on facebook for …



Have you seen the Wildbrook Woollies facebook page yet?! As well as snood-news, I share all kinds of other folks’ arty crafty stuff, including contemporary art, photography, embroidery, crochet, and so on. I try to share something each day… something that will make you laugh, or say “wow”, or both. Either way, it will be …


Meanwhile… Isobel Moore

I found this on facebook today, from the incredibly talented Isobel Moore. You can buy this picture, and three more like it as postcards from her etsy shop (see link below). Find this, and more from Isobel Moore, at her etsy shop: Follow Wildbrook Woollies on facebook:  

Meanwhile… Patchwork

My friend Kerry is making this patchwork bodice from vintage material. I think she’s wonderfully talented (both in design and sewing), and it’s a joy to watch this piece come into being! See more dresses on Kerry’s website: Junie & Jack Follow Wildbrook Woollies on facebook for more!  


Hello! I’m Leigh, a coffee drinker, child-herder, and maker of snoods. (A snood is like a scarf, joined at the ends, to make a wrap-around neck warmer.) I am also a lover of art and craft in general, and as there is so much wonderful stuff out there… it felt like time to start a blog. So, …