Three-colour snood

The year started with a custom, three-colour, order in mustard yellow, charcoal, and green. This is the first snood I’ve made in three colours, and I was delighted with how it turned out – super thick and even warmer, and only 50g heavier! You can order this one by visiting its page on Etsy, or …


Fleecy Snoods

I was very excited to find this fleecy yarn – it’s as soft and snuggly as the merino/alpaca wool I use, but in a different way. But not long after I discovered it, I discovered it had been discontinued, so these fleecy snoods are seriously limited edition! They are available in seven colours (all named …


Meanwhile… Baubles

Today, I’m featuring these baubles, which I think are so lovely I’m inspired to learn how to crochet! (Just as soon as I have time…) The pattern for these can be bought as a download for £2.60 from Planet Penny’s Etsy shop – along with many lovely lovely things, including the yarn used to make …


New photos for the shop

Two of my lovely friends, Andrea and Lou, agreed to model some of my snoods, so you can see what they look like on real people! We had a hilarious time, having lugged a large sack (of snoods) through the woods, wondering just how suspect we looked! The weather was kind to us, Andrea and …


Etsy shop update

All the tweed-style snoods are now available in the shop, along with 45 other colours or colour mixes! If there’s a mix you want, but can’t see, let me know; I’m happy to make custom orders :o) For reference, the tweed-style snoods have an added fleck in the yarn, and I think they’re gorgeous! For …


The tweed-style collection!

All eight tweed-style snoods are now in existence: they come in pink, orange, beige, green, blue, purple, white, and taupe, all with added flecks to give the tweed effect. Rest assured, they are still as soft, warm, and lightweight as all the other snoods, and they are still made from a gentle merino/alpaca woolly yarn. …


Meanwhile… Isobel Moore

I found this on facebook today, from the incredibly talented Isobel Moore. You can buy this picture, and three more like it as postcards from her etsy shop (see link below). Find this, and more from Isobel Moore, at her etsy shop: Follow Wildbrook Woollies on facebook:  

HOW MANY colours?!

I work with about twenty shades of yarn (not including the new tweed-style, coming soon!), so in theory, there are 400 different combinations to be made from those. In theory. In practice, not all colours go with each other, so I’ve made up about fifty samples so far. Always open to new colour-mix ideas, though! …


Etsy Shop

The shop is looking really good now, with samples from all the different solid colours too. Please take a look at :o)  


My labels have arrived! I’m very pleased with these, and am happy to recommend Woven Labels UK, the company who made them for me. Now all I have to do is sew them all in…